XRGB Token

The XRGB Token is the lifeblood of the XRGB ecosystem, designed to empower, facilitate, and reshape the way users interact within our digital landscape. This token is a key to a richer, more collaborative digital experience, serving a multitude of purposes, from enabling exclusive benefits and value capture across our products.

🎉Token Metrics

Public sale: 5% TGE 100% across two platforms

Private sale: 2.5% TGE 0% 12 month linear vesting

Community Incentive: 50% Distribute after mainnet

Ecosystem: 17.5% TGE 10% 12 month linear vesting

Marketing Reserve: 10% CEX listing, KOL payment and so on

LP: 5%

Team: 10% TGE 0% 24 month linear vesting

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