Executing a payment using RGB

For executing a payment using RGB, various software components must collaborate. Specifically, both participants in the transaction need to have:

  • An RGB node, interacts with all the codebases related to RGB and executes exclusive RGB operations, such as creating consignments, verifying consignments, and registering contracts.

  • A wallet controller, which manages private keys, is capable of signing and broadcasting Bitcoin transactions that contain RGB commitments, as well as managing the Bitcoin balance.

  • A blockchain indexer, typically an Electrum server, provides users with confirmation status for transactions that include RGB state transition commitments. The wallet can rely on either a local or a remote indexer.

  • A user interface for interaction with wallet users.

XRBG Wallet offers a one-stop service for managing RGB assets through its pleasing and comfortable interface design, smooth and convenient user flow and coordinated interaction of multiple software components and infrastructures.

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