What are the benefits of MPC wallets with Social Login?

Using MPC (Multi-Party Computation) technology in wallets offers a range of benefits:

  1. No Need for Third-Party Trust: Data can be disseminated in a distributed manner, eliminating the reliance on third parties.

  2. Enhanced Data Privacy: With encryption both at rest and in transit, private information remains secure and undisclosed.

  3. High Accuracy: MPC ensures highly precise outcomes for various cryptographic computations.

  4. Elimination of Single Points of Failure: Private keys are decentralized, not stored in one location, mitigating the risk of total loss.

  5. Increased Challenge for Hackers: A successful attack would require breaching multiple parties across different systems and locations.

  6. Less Dependence on Cold Storage: Users can securely hold their assets online, reducing the need for cold storage devices.

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