BRC20 - ERC404 Bridge

With XRGB, you can easily and securely bridge your BRC20 tokens to ERC404 tokens (or ERC404 to BRC20 ).

  1. Click the bridge button on the BRC20 or ERC404 assets home page to open the bridge UI.

  2. Select the network and token you want to bridge from.

  3. Input the amount you want to bridge. Note that you can only send the available part of your BRC-20 tokens.

  4. Choose the network you want to bridge to. Then you will see the amount of tokens you can receive. Note that if you're bridging from BRC20 to ERC404, you need to have enough amount of non-transferrable token to prevent inscription from being sent out.

  5. Double check the amount, address and gas fee are correct. Then click the sign & send button to bridge. Note that if you're bridging from ERC404 to BRC20, you need to approve the token for the first time.

  6. The transaction is estimated to be confirmed within 32 Ethereum blocks (around 10 min) for ERC404 -> BRC20 bridging, and 6 Bitcoin blocks (around 1 hr) for BRC20->ERC404 bridging.

  7. You can check them on the bridge history page later by clicking the history link on the top right of the bridge page.

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