Send and receive RGB20 tokens (Testnet)

To send an RGB20 token, both the sender and the recipient need to agree on the transaction. This involves a few steps. Let's assume you need to send 100 XRGB to the recipient, Alice.

  1. Click on "Send" on a RGB20 token detail page.

  2. Locate the "Copy Contract Info" button. Click it to copy the Contract info of XRGB and send it to Alice.

  3. Alice, on the RGB20 homepage, clicks on "Generate Invoice" and enters the amount to receive along with the Contract info received from you.

  4. Then, Alice click "Generate" to create the invoice and send it to you

  5. You Paste the invoice Alice sent you into the invoice input field on the "Send" page and click "Continue".

  6. Confirm the amount, enter the transaction fee, and then click "Confirm". You will get a Consignment. Copy the Consignment and send it to Alice.

  7. Alice clicks on the "Accept Payment" button and enters the Consignment you sent. The transaction will be completed.

  8. You can check the status of the transaction in the transaction history list. The invoice records can also be viewed next to it.

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