XRGB Web Wallet

XRGB Wallet is the DeFi hub for Bitcoin layer2s.

XRGB wallet is the DeFi hub in the BTC layer2 ecosystem. It aims to connect the assets on Bitcoin to Layer2 chains, protocols and other L1 blockchains. This can greatly increase the liquidity of assets on the Bitcoin blockchain, and reduces the congestion and the number of UTXOs in the Bitcoin.

XRGB wallet provides both social login and the traditional way of wallet creation & import via seed phrase.

👍Unified Assets Dashboard

XRGB wallet integrates all the Bitcoin layer2s and supports BRC20, SRC20, ARC20, RGB20, etc. The assets dashboard shows the assets info, and make is easily to manage them in a convenient way.

Users are able to deploy, mint, send and receive tokens. Also they can create NFTs, DIDs, Domains in the same place.

👍EVM Chains Support

XRGB wallet also supports EVM compatible Bitcoin layer2s, such as InterBTC, Lorenzo, BEVM, etc. The wallet has a built-in integration with XRGB USB, make is easy to peg-in/peg-out token assets between Bitcoin layer2s.

👍BTC Staking Gateway

XRGB wallet brings staking revenue from all the Bitcoin ecosystem to users.

👍Smooth User Experience

XRGB Wallet provides users with the most comprehensive and seamless BTC ecosystem experience upon complex technical implementations like fair launches for projects, user minting processes, UTXO organization, etc.

👍Safe and Convenient BTC Ecosystem Asset Management

XRGB Wallet utilizes the BTC full nodes, off-chain clients, storage indexers and protocol nodes to offer a one-stop management service, supporting multiple BTC ecosystem protocols and minimizing the risk of assets being accidentally consumed as transaction fees.

👍Diverse Applications

XRGB Wallet allows users to engage in liquidity staking, lending, swapping, bridging and POS staking within the BTC ecosystem, enabling easy high-yield earnings.


XRGB Wallet is a fully non-custodial wallet. The USB and DeFi applications used for asset management are among the most decentralized solutions currently available.

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