XRGB Introduciton

👏1.XRGB Vision

The XRGB project is dedicated to enhancing the liquidity and utility of assets within the BTC ecosystem. It aims to enable a wide range of applications including DeFi scenarios, social finance (SocialFi) use cases, various staking rewards and more. Our vision is to provide a comprehensive, one-stop service for users in the BTC ecosystem, facilitating seamless interactions and transactions, fostering a vibrant and integrated financial environment, and unlocking the full potential of digital assets within the Bitcoin framework.

👏2.Core Features of XRGB Project

👍2.1.Multi-assets and Multi-chains support

Supports fungible tokes like BRC20, RGB20, SRC20, ARC20, PIPE, Taproot Assets, etc.

Supports non fungible tokens like Ordinals, RGB21, RGB25, Atomicals NFT etc.

  • Users can manage their fungible tokens, such as issuing, sending, receiving, and tracking, simplifying all the token management.

  • Users can create and trade NFTs, including digital art, music, and other unique assets. The XRGB wallet supports the display, purchase, sale, and trading of NFTs, offering a complete NFT market experience.

👍2.2.Domain & DID

Supports RGB22 Decentralized Digital Identity and Realm DID.

Supports the creation and management of digital identities, including identity verification and digital signatures.

Enhances user privacy while maintaining transaction transparency and security.

Supports RGB domain name system, realm name service, satsname, bitname, etc.

Allows users to register and manage decentralized domain names.

Offers a new type of decentralized network identity and resource location tool.


Provides a decentralized way for Bitcoin assets to different Bitcoin Layer2s and other L1 blockchains.

👍2.4.XRGB DeFI Hub

Integrates DEX, Lending protocol, etc.

Supports all kinds of DeFi protocol, makes it easy to swap between different assets.

Supports peg-in / peg-out assets between Bitcoin blockchain and Bitcoin layer2s.

👍2.5.XRGB Launchpad

Forms a comprehensive ecosystem that nurtures creativity.

Facilitates seamless digital asset exchange on the RGB network.

👍2.6.XRGB NFT Marketplace

Contains an innovative NFT marketplace tailored for the Bitcoin (BTC) ecosystem.

Offers a comprehensive platform for all NFT-related activities.

Designs to seamlessly integrate with the BTC network.

Provides users with a diverse range of functionalities, from trading and minting to showcasing NFT.


Provides interface for developers and third-party applications to easily query token assets and manage the tokens.

Provides the wallet adaptor for dApp integration, which can make the smooth interaction between dApp and XRGB extension wallet.

👍2.8.Mass Adoption

Supports social login, such as Gmail, Twitter, etc.

Supports account abstraction wallet, which makes the onboarding of web3 users easily and smoothly.

Supports all kinds of devices via XRGB wallet.


Integrates all Bitcoin layers, such as Lightning, Rootstock, Stacks, Liquid, Lorenzo, InterBTC, etc.

Facilitates interoperability between various layers and applications, creates a more integrated Bitcoin ecosystem.

👍2.10.Data Security and Privacy Protection

Combines on-chain and off-chain data, optimizes data storage and access while protecting user privacy.

Utilizes encryption technologies to safeguard transactions and personal information, prevents data leaks and unauthorized access.

👍2.11.Scalability and Compatibility

Designs with future scalability in mind, supports new cryptocurrencies and protocols.

Enables Compatibility with the existing blockchain ecosystem, makes it easy to integrate and use.

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