Mint X404 Tutorial

After connecting your wallet, in the "NFT to X404" tab, you will see a list of the NFT collectibles from that series owned by your wallet. One NFT can be exchanged for one corresponding X404 token. However, X404 can be sent in very small fractional amounts. Follow these steps to mint your X404 tokens:

1. Select the NFT you wish to convert to X404, choose a redemption period, then click "Next" to prompt the wallet signature.

  1. Select the NFTs you wish to convert to X404.

  2. Choose a redemption period. Please note that although you can redeem your NFT at any time, if you exceed the redemption deadline, any user holding more than one X404 token has the right to redeem.

  3. Click the "Continue" button to confirm and proceed with the wallet signature. You will receive the corresponding amount of X404.

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