User Tutorial

☀️Create RGB20 Token

Step 1: Input the "Ticker", "Asset Name", "Total Supply" and "Precision", then Hit the "Continue" button

Step 2: View the details of mint transaction

☀️Generate Invoice

Step 1: In the Token Detailed page, press "generate invoice" button.

Step 2: Input the amount you want to receive

Step 3: Send the QR code or invoice detail to the sender

☀️Send RGB20 Token

Step 1: Choose RGB20 Token

Step 2: Input the invoice you got from the receipient

Step 3: Review the transaction summary and press "continue" button

Step 4: copy and send the consignment below to receipient to complete the transfer

☀️Accept Payment

Step 1: Input the consignment from the sender to accept the payment

Step 2: Receive the RGB20 Token successfully

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