Lorenzo Staking

1. Overview

Lorenzo Protocol is a modular Bitcoin L2 architecture based on the Bitcoin shared security. This architecture aims to help developers build Bitcoin L2 and Bitcoin DeFi ecosystems that adopt Bitcoin shared security with ease through composable modules. It also empowers Bitcoin holders with governance rights within this ecosystem.

2. zBTC

Any participant in the network, whether they are validators or stakers, can transfer their Bitcoin into Lorenzo in a decentralized way, by converting it into zBTC. Participants can then stake their zBTC to help maintain the security of the L2 network. The longer the staking duration and the higher the staked amount, the greater the rewards earned. Since Bitcoin serves as both the settlement currency and the unit for gas fees on the Lorenzo Protocol, stakers receive rewards in Bitcoin.

3. Integration with XRGB wallet

XRGB Wallet, through its integration with the Lorenzo Protocol, provides users with functionalities for pegging in and out of zBTC. It also offers swapping between zBTC and other fungible tokens of the Lorenzo Protocol, along with liquidity staking and lending features. This integration facilitates a highly convenient user flow, aimed at enabling them to achieve substantial returns.

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